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Transmedia Marketing Strategy for David Owsley Museum of Art

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Strategy Framework 6.0_Page_02.jpg
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Strategy Framework 6.0_Page_05.jpg
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Strategy Framework 6.0_Page_09.jpg
Strategy Framework 6.0_Page_10.jpg
Strategy Framework 6.0_Page_11.jpg
Strategy Framework 6.0_Page_12.jpg


Media Plan Course Case

J456 Book pages_Page_01.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_02.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_03.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_04.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_05.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_06.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_07.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_08.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_09.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_10.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_11.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_12.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_13.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_14.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_15.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_16.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_17.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_18.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_19.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_20.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_21.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_22.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_23.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_24.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_25.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_26.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_27.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_29.jpg
J456 Book pages_Page_28.jpg


Course Case

Jaybird Headphones_Page_01.jpg
Jaybird Headphones_Page_02.jpg
Jaybird Headphones_Page_03.jpg
Jaybird Headphones_Page_04.jpg
Jaybird Headphones_Page_05.jpg
Jaybird Headphones_Page_06.jpg
Jaybird Headphones_Page_07.jpg
Jaybird Headphones_Page_08.jpg
Jaybird Headphones_Page_09.jpg
Jaybird Headphones_Page_10.jpg
Jaybird Headphones_Page_11.jpg
Jaybird Headphones_Page_12.jpg
Jaybird Headphones_Page_13.jpg
Jaybird Headphones(1).jpg
Jaybird Headphones(2).jpg
Jaybird Headphones(3).jpg
Jaybird Headphones(4).jpg
Jaybird Headphones(5).jpg
Jaybird Headphones(6).jpg
Jaybird Headphones(7).jpg
Jaybird Headphones(8).jpg
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